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The essence of a strong relationship is to be open to the perceptions of others.

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Your actions or reactions are influenced by your perceptual styles: Audio, Feeler, Visual, Wholistic

Actions & Reactions




AUDIOS can process what you are saying better if they turn their ear toward you rather than look at you. They filter through what is being said to get to the bottom line as quickly as possible.


FEELERS process what they see and hear through their feelings. Your tone of voice is more significant than what is actually being said. If you speak sharply or sarcastically, they feel it in the pit of their stomachs.


WHOLISTICS simultaneously hear, feel and see what others are expressing. This enables them to quickly grasp the whole picture. Once they get the gist of something, they want to leap into action, picking up the details as they go along.


VISUALS process what they see and hear through their eyes. Therefore, maintaining eye contact while conversing is important. If you can’t show them what you’re talking about, then speak in descriptive terms so they can visualize what you’re trying to convey.

Your actions or reactions to people are motivated by how you perceive them. Through understanding the

four perceptual styles, the Empowering and Limiting Tendencies, and how to defuse your hot buttons,

it’s possible to live a richly rewarding life—guaranteed.  -  Read inside the book

The Four Perceptions

and Personal Profile

The Comfort Zone Thieves

The Hot Button
Reaction Assessment

The Wall of Fears

Charlie Finn’s Poem:
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